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Constitution for Free Europe
1. Europe is a geographical concept, and European is as such not necessarily good or bad.
2. Free Europe means human development in its richest diversity and is therefore good.
Free Europe means for Europeans:
3. Freedom for individuals and clear limits for politicians and bureaucrats.
4. Civil rights for all citizens in Europe.
5. Freedom of contract, to create, to work, trade and invest in all Europe for all Europeans.
Free Europe means for European states:
6. Every government and national parliament has the right to self-determination of taxes, subsidies and laws.
7. No taxation power for the EU.
8. Decisions in the EU should be made by agreements between governments. Delegation of national legislative power to EU institutions is possible; withdrawal of such powers, both in specific cases and generally is equally possible.
9. Sending tax-payer’s money from one part of Europe to another is a matter solely for the states or regions involved.
10. Free Europe promotes human development in its richest diversity worldwide.

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"No referenda, please,
   we are Europeans"
Good Morning, Europe!
The official proposal to a Constitutional Treaty for the European Union was rejected in referenda in France and the Netherlands. It could have opened the way for more centralization to Brussels.

The 27 member governments agreed in Lisbon October 18, 2007 on a new version, called the Reform Treaty, renamed to the Lisbon Treaty - the same content but extremely difficult to read.Why? They wanted to avoid new referenda...
However, Ireland's constitution had to let the people decide, and  the result in June 12, 2008 was NO.
But did the rest of the EU governments take NO for an answer? No...They went on asking the parliaments to ratify the Lisbon Treaty.
And Ireland? Of course, there was a new referendum, to get the correct result. Call it "remocracy".
So the Lisbon Treaty is now in full force, from January 2010.
But Free Europe Constitution does not give in. We will continue to be a part of the atmosphere of freedom in Europe. We believe that the Lisbon treaty is a grand mistake. However, history will judge.
But you can express your view already now - welcome to referendline at this site.
Make history.
Read Free Europe Constitution - and vote Yes.

This statement is history now, but not its message:
Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic, to Carl-Johan Westholm, founder of the Free Europe Constitution, May 30, 2007:
 - Your initiative is important in that it wants to change the public debate. I think this really has been one of the major problems - the agitation about the EU being in a perpetual motion and about the integration constantly "improved" by every new initiative.
- The ten principles included in your proposal of constitution are a good conceptual guide-line for the course European integration could take. It would be a good "mini-treaty".

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